In a nutshell, I’m writing this blog to help keep me accountable, provide information for anyone thinking about Whole 30, and show everyone that Whole 30 is not a starvation fad diet.

I was first introduced to Whole 30 January of 2016. I had heard it referenced in a few of the healthy living blogs I keep up with and was instantly intrigued. I decided to buy the book and was blown away by all the testimonials people experienced such as losing allergies, getting rid of arthritis and joint pain, and just feeling absolutely amazing.

After a year of debating when or if to start Whole 30, my fiance and I have decided to bite the bullet and give it ago. Honestly the biggest reason this didn’t happen in 2016 is because I “couldn’t find 30 days to not drink” between 8 weddings, numerous trips, 2 bachelorettes, our very own engagement, and jam packed holiday parties and events. We started today, January the 2nd and will end with our first wedding in Kentucky on the 3rd. Follow us along here for some recipes, tips, and to see our results!